Snapit allows you to preserve a webpage as it appears today.
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            Make a permanent copy of a web page as it appears today with SnapIt™. Enter a URL, and then an image of the web page and a copy of its html text are preserved permanently and associated with a persistent URL. You can then use and publish the persistent URL to recall the preserved copy of the page, at any time. SnapIt™ is a reliable reference for academic and news publications, legal proceedings, and reference materials.

            Web pages on the Internet are dynamic. They change and even disappear without notice. This poses serious problems for researchers, journalists, law firms, courts, and others needing to recall prior ads, camera views or content. SnapIt™ archives images of web pages permanently and assigns a perpetual URL for you to share and publish with the confidence that you can recall the content you preserved. (Browse the archive and read about case studies)

            Members may may archive a page with SnapIt™, search the SnapIt™ repository, and use advanced search and automated archive features.